Treat your lead like a human.

If you want to increase your conversions, you have to increase your conversations because this is where relationships start.



“Conversations with potential customers don’t just happen on your website, which is why conversational marketing is bigger than any single channel or platform. Combining inbound and outbound tactics, conversational marketing is all about starting a dialogue with the people who can benefit from what you’re offering, whether that’s via a face-to-face meeting, or a phone call, or an email exchange.”

– Eric Devaney, Drift 2018

What it is.

Follow up with each and every lead, no matter where they come from, or how much they cost.

Your sales come from 3 places: bought leads, relationships, referrals.  The problem for most of us is that we have relied too heavily on those bought leads to give us instant gratification, without allowing the time to converse and generate relationships with those people.  Sometimes you need to be reminded those leads are people too.  This is your reminder.  Now can you reach all of those people 8 times each by next week?

If you’re not automating your workflow, you’re leaving conversations on the table.

Prospect Workflow is a straightforward full service automation software whereby your leads will be contacted 8x in the first week by email and text message, and followed up accordingly for 2 or more weeks relative to the total sales cycle for your prospects.  Our service is well vetted and works across the board, but the process can be customized for each client.  Your leads will be stored in a CRM that you will be given unique access to, and as your leads confirm that they want to talk, the conversation will be handed to you and all automation will stop.


At its best, marketing automation is software and tactics that allow companies to buy and sell like Amazon — that is, to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted customers. This type of marketing automation typically generates significant new revenue for companies, and provides an excellent return on the investment required.”

– Hubspot 2018

Why it works.

When we reach all of your prospect 8x in the first week, we get an average 65% conversation rate.
Increased Conversations = Increased Conversions

The way to improve the conversion rate for your leads is to increase your conversation rate.  It’s simple math; the more conversations you can have, the less conversations you leave on the table.  This is 100% true of all industries.  Even if you need to double qualify your leads because you sell a hyper specialized version of your product or you simply want to make sure you’re maximizing your sales rates, this process helps to ensure that more of the conversations lead to a “yes”.

Who it’s for.

If you have leads, this is for you

Prospect Workflow is built for a sales team with an active marketing campaign funneling in leads.  If you don’t have a lead funnel, we can help build one and manage your campaigns.  A marketing campaign is the best way to start the conversation and qualify your leads.

If you network or look for referrals, this is for you

So, pretty much every salesperson looking to follow up with their prospects and current clients.  You can manage the workflow and communications outgoing out to clients and your personal workflow in terms of knowing what stage of the deal you’re in with those clients.



“If you’re going to optimize your lead nurture efforts, you can’t just focus on one or two channels that have worked for you in the past.  You need to diversify your outreach efforts by adopting multiple channels and platforms that will help you reach and engage more leads.”

– Forbes2018



Our product is a scalable solution and works for individual salesmen as well as full teams of salespeople.